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Wellness products

To realize healthy life
Product which reduces health risk

Next-generation cigarette product

We develop next-generation cigarette product which is new style

Because it is thought that risk to hurt its health in comparison with conventional covering with paper cigarette is very low as for the next-generation cigarette such as VAPE (electronic cigarette) and heating-type cigarette, and secondhand smoke does not occur, it is said that there is little influence toward the circumference. In one where covering with paper cigarette is smoked, we think about oneself and person of the circumference and important family coexisting without stress, and shifting to cigarette in the next generation increases.

With VAPE (beipu)

VAPE (beipu) pours liquid with flavor into exclusive device (the body) and we breathe steam which we produced by electric power and enjoy taste, fragrance.
BOX type (we insert charge pond and use) and pen type (the battery internal organs) are mainstream, and exclusive device can enjoy VAPE of oneself preference in liquid of abundant kind and thing putting together.
In addition, stick type and liquid supplement and maintenance of size feeling that is simple in small size that even beginner is easy to treat become popular among simplified pod types recently.
Popularity of VAPE was what overseas celebrity and artist used as one of the fashion items, and stretch ignited.
In Japan, we attracted attention as new luxury goods led by some youths who are sensitive to the overseas fashion, but attract attention as smoking cessation assist item regardless of age at point to breathe, and to be able to taste feeling of cigarette without taking toxic substance.

With vape studio

Electronic cigarette and VAPE, words such as heating-type cigarette are heard and think that there is much which has various questions saying "shop which is doubtful though there is a lot of product in net is possible and is uneasy" which "we will sell where" which "we should buy from what though we want to try, or it is not revealed" which "on earth it will be what kind of product". Our vape studio to run was born in response to your such needs.
Product handling in us has only thing which cleared quality standard above a certain level, and professional staff explains carefully and we take responsibility and recommend product. From beginner whom VAPE is used for for the first time to senior, many people are satisfied. In addition, the purchase of product which we handle at store in EC site is possible.

From this of vape studio

We catch the world fashion quickly and add to VAPE of type conventionally and send information such as the latest device or liquid such as pod type VAPE and will promote the spread of cigarettes in future in various places in wide generation in the next generation.

Health care product

We develop product supporting daily health maintenances and management

With brand "Leef fresh of sanitary protection," we have mask wet health maintenances such as tissue, cooling sheet and product suitable for management, the prevention. In addition, it unfolds for character license, PB development widely.

In addition, we prepare personal humidifier or desk fan of stylish design and support your healthy Mainichi kindly.