Business introduction

Sustainable products

It is the earth and miscellaneous goods contributing to the future through manufacturing

Underwater plastic garbage is beyond weight of fish?
It is the issue of marine pollution to become great problem worldwide

Plastic is simple and is durable, and it is used as shopping bag and Styrofoam packing materials as well as product widely in every scene of our life by advantage to be able to produce cheaply. However, we are made "disposable" by the advantage and are flowed out in environment without appropriate processing being performed after we were thrown away and let you pollute the earth.

Plastic waste flowed out into the sea is said to be at least 8 million tons and various sea lives get a wrong microplastic with bait and fall into situation to give crisis of life to by taking in every year. Crisis of sea life does not remain in food chain only in the ocean and has a great influence on many creatures, and it is problem, besides, to have an influence on our dining table.

It leads to protecting ourselves protecting the beautiful earth (contribution to the future) to reduce "throwaway". We suggest "choice of life to reduce garbage" "choice of thing usable for a long time repeatedly" "choice of thing derived from nature" with eco-miscellaneous goods.

We suggest product having you enjoy "eco-life"!
We contribute to eco-activity just to change custom

Utilize eco bag; and to reduction of shopping bag
In the case of shopping, we consider environment just to bring eco bag

Because charge of shopping bag advances, we do not use eco bag, and one one thinks about environmental consideration, and custom to use eco bag carries out an eco-activity. We keep on choosing eco bag to promote this activity among material, and we suggest high eco bag of design that thought about form, color, size, functionality.

Approach to ecomark

Natural KOLOR bag made of cotton acquires ecomark with most products.
Load to environment becomes little eco product from production to the disposal consistently.

By my bottle my cup motion to reduction of plastic bottle
We consider environment just to use water bottle, tumbler, cup for exclusive use of oneself in various scenes of office, school, whereabouts

It is said that approximately 25% of Japanese marine garbage are plastic bottles for drink. We only make my bottle my cup custom and garbage is reduced and leads to eco-activity. As photoitem of as not only point of view of Eco but also item for health maintenance and SNS, it is trend led by young person recently. We suggest my bottle full of functionality, designs which can become custom although being a pleasure.

Ecology life custom design to enjoy

We can enjoy my bottle only for oneself by simple work that only changes design of mount. Atmosphere changes coated paper, kraft paper, Japanese paper just to change material of paper including clear mount.