Business introduction

Custom-made miscellaneous goods business

Concert product sales goods

Event product sales product

We produce original goods of popular Aristrist and concert venue-limited of animation song system event. We treat a lot of goods enlivening T-shirt, towel, concert including penlight playing an active part in concert venue and express view of the world of Aristrist with goods.

Fancy goods

Animation goods

Development of subculture is remarkable, and demand magnifies fancy goods such as animation or game regardless of home and abroad. We reproduce characters of various popular contents in full color and suggest goods which fitted image of characters.

Apparel OEM goods

Apparel OEM

We undertake OEM, ODM changing image of apparel brand into the same form. We are supported until delivery of goods until quality control, various inspection, inspection well by product plan. We suggest product pleased that end user purchases with feeling to want to build up "sold thing" with customer.

Sales promotion goods

Sales promotion goods

We suggest goods production to depend on sales promotion from novelty production to store decoration. We suggest the most suitable solution depending on individual needs such as use, amount, price range. At first please let know "we want to do ..." of customer.



We support sales promotion promotion that high National client of the popularity develops worldwide through network with Prominate company having power base more than 70 countries of the world. We become the only partner company in Japan and wrestle as the part of pipe of sales promotion promotion that Japanese company hangs over overseas development.


Moleskine® business

We handle high-quality notebook, notebook of "Moleskine®" which is world-famous Italian stationery brand as quotient materials for B to B to meet high value-added needs of novelty market and develop high quality notebook which many celebrities such as Picasso and Gogh, Hemingway used habitually to PREMIUM gift market.

Original miscellaneous goods business

Eco-miscellaneous goods, design miscellaneous goods ・
Beauty & health care miscellaneous goods product

Eco-design beauty & health care miscellaneous goods product

Original brand "MARKLESS STYLE" lasts for many divergences from eco-miscellaneous goods products such as bag or tumbler bottle to design miscellaneous goods products such as stationery or leather accessory, beauty & health care miscellaneous goods products such as mask or mirror pouch. We treat a lot of products which won good design prize and prize for iF design.

Travel miscellaneous goods product

Travel miscellaneous goods product

With increase of visit to Japan foreign tourist and use increase of LCC (low-cost carrier), expansion of domestic airport, demand for travel miscellaneous goods product is greatly anticipated in future. We develop "gowell" proud of strong brand power to in travel miscellaneous goods product by superior lineup in design and functionality mainly on "belt stopping bag".

Petware miscellaneous goods product

Petware product

With low birthrate and aging, pet is caught as "member of family" and "partner", and petware and goods concerned diverge into many branches now, too. We present house brand "Calulu" having high design that adopted fashion trend and handle license product of apparel brand and provide the highest fashionable pet wear in various places of dog lover.



Design which was made in the image of eco bag which wanted to last to raise awareness of Eco. Shawl with elastic band that "pokeshoruda" is gathered up compactly though it is large-capacity of extreme popularity that there is. Let alone shopping, it is available for commuting, attending school. In addition, we handle cool bag or cash register basket bag a lot.