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Miscellaneous goods that various things started from using

Entertainment miscellaneous goods ... "time stay / COMMUNITY / event / atorakushonkoto consumption" ...

"Thing" which enlivens "we consume thing"!
We share view of the world of "thing" with "thing" and offer impression, experience!

From late years, "monoconsumption" more for the richness of heart is said that tendency to consumption shifts to "consume thing". Including festival that assumed music and animation, movie contents in entertainment market, sports watching games event popularity gathers in "use thing" providing experience and impression that can taste only on the spot then.
We begin with plan, production of entertainment miscellaneous goods which are "thing" and heaped up "we use thing" by dealing with administration of product sales in venue, but we keep know-how that we got by conventional experience alive and develop "popup store" performing all until plan, production, administration in-house and challenge further "manufacturing" and "we make things".

Plan, production of concert product sales goods

We hang many goods enlivening original T-shirt, towel of concert venue-limited, concert including penlight and express view of the world of Aristrist with goods. We heap up concert venue with goods and work as maid expanding time when visitors are special.

Plan, administration of popup store

Development of Japanese pop culture is remarkable, and demand magnifies fancy goods such as animation or movie regardless of home and abroad. Our popup store to run images theme park of popular contents and directs space that can experience view of the world of contents. We have a lot of limited goods in store and perform administration that all of you come to the store are satisfied with in "thing" and "thing".

Travel miscellaneous goods ... "experience, impression koto consumption" ...

Trip experiences "non-daily life" and "special feeling", and can taste impression; "consume thing"!

We stay at hotel and inn, and trip does meal only in the land and experiences "non-daily life" and "special feeling" by enjoying hot spring and sports and can taste impression. Foreign tourists increase, and experience of traditional culture in Japan and "pilgrimage to the Holy Land" to visit costume play of popular animation, the stage of animation and place where it was and pop culture experience that said become popular recently.
We support comfortable trip with travel miscellaneous goods and work as maid to spend substantial time.

We develop convenience function goods supporting comfortable trip
"gowell" of travel miscellaneous goods brand

"gowell" is brand of travel miscellaneous goods with the history of founding approximately 40 years. We continue developing product in o keyword to "more substantial thing" in trip "more comfortably" "more safely".
"Best travel gear series" that pursued comfort of "ultimate travel gear series" and trip that pursued convenience of trip from function side adds to two original series, and Pocket Monster of popular contents develops designed travel goods.

Petware miscellaneous goods ... "COMMUNITY / raifusutairukoto consumption" ...

Pet "member of family!" In "consuming thing" that enjoy outing in matching clothes healing!

With low birthrate and aging, dog lovers living as "member of family" "partner" in pets every day increase. You enjoy matching coordination in stylish wear, and do you not feel real healing from family who became lovely figure? In addition, in COMMUNITY between dog lovers with the same lifestyle, vaunted wear look and pet miscellaneous goods enliven conversation.
We are doing help to spend substantial lifestyle with pet.

Concept "URBAN" (urbane) X "SIMPLE" (polish) X "CONTEMPORARY" (modern)
"Calulu" of petware miscellaneous goods brand

We present house brand "Calulu" having high design that adopted fashion trend and handle license product of famous apparel brand and provide the highest fashionable pet wear and pet miscellaneous goods in various places of dog lover.