Business introduction

Business summary

Custom-made miscellaneous goods business

It is business to treat miscellaneous goods product having high design to request of customer. Design miscellaneous goods to produce in novelty and OEM and ODM of company sell to direct customer at the center. Business of trance that is subsidiary corresponds mainly.

Original miscellaneous goods business

We plan in-house and are business to treat miscellaneous goods product prepared by production form with possibility. As house brand "MARKLESS STYLE," we handle product using material in consideration for environment and product of design which it is easy to use in basic. Business of trade works which is subsidiary corresponds mainly.

100 degrees (Baidu) map

100 degrees

Visit to Japan foreigners in Japan increase, and further expansion of inbound demand is anticipated. Registration of customer company information to map service "100 degrees map" (Baidu map) which major search engine "100 degrees" (Baidu) of China runs gives a service in us.